Super Junior’s Shindong takes a picture in his hanbok

Super Junior‘s Shindong sent his Chuseok greetings through a pleasant message and photo.
On September 12th, Shindong tweeted, ” Happy Chuseok! Take a break from your diet plans and eat delicious food with your family!”. He also wrote, “It’s been so long since I’ve worn a hanbok~ ^_^”.
In the attached photo, Shindong shows off his defined jawline and charming eyes. Straying from his usual boisterous style, Shindong looks more gentle, thanks to his soft smile and pretty hanbok.
Netizens commented, ” Have a wonderful Chuseok!” , “You look so good in a hanbok!” , and “You take a break with your diet training too~”.
Source + Photos: Star News

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